Enabling long-range electric flight
TURBOTECH is developing the energy storage system
capable of powering the aircrafts of the future.
The result of several years of development, TURBOTECH offers a unique energy storage system that combines

  • very high energy-density (>2000Wh/kg)
  • high cycle-life (3000 cycles with <5% degradation)
  • low acquisition and exploitation cost

Combining a highly innovative recuperated turbine with a high-speed electric machine, TURBOTECH's turbogenerator is the missing link to make hybrid-electric flight a reality today

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TURBOTECH is located on the Paris-Versailles-Saclay Airport.
Our location

Bâtiment 209, Aérodrome de Toussus-Le-Noble, Toussus-Le-Noble, 78117, FRANCE



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